Expert Rug Cleaning Service

The experts at Best Carpet Cleaners are here to help you protect one of the most expensive pieces in your home. If rug cleaning is done properly, you can get your carpets and rugs back into an excellent shape. As a trusted carpet cleaning company in Perris, CA, we believe that educating our cleaners on the latest techniques and process in the industry is key to ensuring that we provide you with the best carpet cleaning services.

Reliable rug cleaningWalk Through

Our professional rug cleaner will walk you through the areas that need to be cleaned. We will help you identify any problem areas such as stains, pet hair and odors, damaged parts of your carpet, and heavy traffic soiling. We will talk with you about these areas and will create a plan for you to fix these issues.


We will start cleaning your carpets and rugs by pre-treating them. Using a powerful and safe cleaning product, we will prepare the surface of your rugs and carpets for cleaning. This is important for the cleaning process because if this is missed, your carpets might not be cleaned thoroughly. By pre-treating your carpets and rugs, all dirt and debris are being pulled up to the top layer, which will make it easy for our rug cleaner to completely clean your carpets.

Final Checks

After we are done with the rug cleaning process, we will do a final check to ensure that your carpet is completely clean. If your rug is completely cleaned, its lifespan will be prolonged, and at the same time, it will feel more fresh and softer than before.

Best Carpet Cleaners is the rug and carpet cleaning expert that will make sure that all your carpets are cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized. We also offer emergency cleaning services if you need your carpets cleaned in the middle of the night.

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